Best WhatsApp mods 2021 Latest Version
Whatsapp Apk Mods

Best WhatsApp mods 2021 Latest Version (Updated Mod Apk)

Whatsapp mods are the modded versions of the official app. There are many Unofficial modded apps Served On the Internet. In this article, we are here to guide you about the best WhatsApp mod apk 2021. These apps are available with Unique and Powerful features. They are loved to be used by billions of peoples.

Whatsapp mods are nothing, just an altered version of Whats app. Whats app is an American freeware app. It can enable subscribers to send and receive messages. The Whatsapp app runs on mobile devices, but it can also be accessible from desktop devices but as long as your mobile phone is connected to your mobile phone.

Brian Acton developed whats app in 2009 by the formers employees of Yahoo. In 2014 Facebook acquired WhatsApp in the US $19 Billion, the largest acquisition to date. There are thousands of communication apps in the market, but the most popular is the Whatsapp messenger. 

Today we will tell You about Whatsapp’s best apk mod to be used in 2021 and provide them with the Application Apks.

Top Best Whatsapp Mods in 2021

GbWhatsapp (GBWA)

GBWA Apk Whatsapp mods

GbWhatsApp Apk is the best-Modified edition of the app. It is developed by a third-party developer named Has.007. GBWA is known by its users in the Whats app community for its multi-account feature. It equips with extra privacy features.

The additional feature of GB Whatsapp is that you can install it on your device along with official WA. The latest GBwhatsapp mod is equipped with many special features to its best mod app like call filtering, Anti-deleted messages, send large files, which is not currently available in the official app.

To Use it on your phone, there is no requirement of Rooting your phone. Users can customize the app completely With the GB Wa Customization feature, Where you can modify everything in the mod apk completely.

In 2021 Gb Whatsapp mod apk will be a great choice. If you want to learn more about Gb Whatsapp Apk, you can read it from our site.

Fm Whatsapp (FMWA)

FMWA-whatsapp mod apk

FmWhatsapp apk will Also be an excellent choice for those users who love mod apps. Because it provides tons of extra features, if you are bored of the whats app official look, FMwhatsapp allows you to customize it completely. It carries some additional tweaks and, more interestingly, Privacy options you need most of the time.

Recently FMWA released a new feature in their mod apk, enabling chats heads the same as you see in Facebook messenger. Whenever a message is received, a Chat head appears over any app you are using, and you can reply without Switching the app.

If you want to get more information about the Fm Whatsapp apk mod, you can definitely get more information about the free Whatsapp mod apk latest version.

Gold Whatsapp

gold whatsapp current apks

One of the most popular apps other than GB WhatsApp apk is Whatsappgold. It is also based on the original whats app apk. Like other Whatsapp mod apk, it is forked to give some extra features in the apk.

Altorendo7 develops gold Whatsapp. It is also providing features similar to GB Whatsapp apk with few enhancements. Whatsapp gold 2020 is free to use. It would be a great option for users who want to enjoy extra privacy features.

Whatsapp Plus

plus Whatsapp

Whatsappplus apk is a mod apk that is based on Whats-app. Whatsapp plus official is the first app to provide unique features in the app. It has introduced such amazing features that attract the user to use this app.

Whatsapp plus 2020 brings more privacy options like call filtering, DND mode, and much more. Plus, What’s App is a WhatsApp mod apk that allows you to customize the app completely.

People are curious to know about this app. Is it safe to use? So the answer is that no reports are reported to date. So it is considered a safe app. The development of modified Whatsapp plus apk is currently stopped, but some other developers continue its development.

An XDA developer basically developed it, and it was introduced in 2012. He has done a few customizations in the app and launched it to the market. You can read in detail about Whatsapp plus from here.

Yowhatsapp apk (YOWA)

yowa whatsapp mods

Yowhatsapp (YoWa) is a mod apk that comes with classic whats app features with some extra features. Like other Whatsapp mod apks, it is also developed to give some distinct elements.

This app is developed by Yousaf al basha. If you want to enjoy some unique features in Whatsapp like hiding status, anti-deleted messages, hide seen status, then you would definitely try yo Whatsapp apk. You can read more about yowhatsapp apk from the site.

Many people want to download yowhatsapp for iPhone as well. Developers of Yo Whatsapp make it possible to use this app on IOS. You can use this modified Apk without having the iPhone to root or jailbreak.

Whatsapp prime

prime whatsapp apk

As there are so many WhatsApp mod APK are present on the internet with many advanced features, WhatsAppprime has better features.

Prime Whatsapp is a mod apk that will enhance your user experience. It provides amazing features that may not be included in the WA app. Cooldroid had developed the app.

The Whats app prime is the most popular app instant messaging app. Like other mod of Whatsapp 2021, the mod apk of Whatsapp lets you enjoy amazing features in the app.

Interested in the game mods then you must try out Gang clash mod apk and Raid shadow legends mod apk

Whatsapp mods FAQ’S

What Is WA Mod Apk?

Whatsapp mods are the modified versions of the app. They are developed by third-party developers to provide additional features in the WA.

How do I download Whats App mods?

You Can Download Best whatsapp mods apk 2021 by visiting our site.

Why Should Anyone Use A Whats App Mod?

The major benefit of using WhatsApp Mod over official WhatsApp Messenger is the extra set of features for better controllability and a better chatting experience.
The original version of WhatsApp has lots of restrictions, like you cannot download someone else’s status videos; you can’t send large files or attachments. You have restrictions for adding limited members in WhatsApp groups & so on. It would help if you tried using WhatsApp Alternatives that gives you more benefits over the official version.

Which WhatsApp mod apk is best?

Users of Whatsapp are bored by its look. They want more features in the app and want to have a customized look of the app. For this purpose, many modded apps available in the market.
Top Best Whatsapp mods available to enjoy Amazing features.
GBwhatsapp is the best mod in 2021 available in the market.
Fm Whatsapp apk is another great best mod of Whatsapp.
Whatsapp Plus (Waplus)
Yowhatsapp (YOWA)
OG Whatsapp apk

Can anyone read deleted WA messages?

Anyone can access the deleted messages. There are two methods of accessing the deleted messages.
User can access the deleted messages in Whatsapp through third party notification app. App named “notification history” can be downloaded from the Google play store. After installing the app user will search the messages in the notification log.
User can access the deleted messages by the use of Whatsapp apk mods. Some of the most used latest mod apks are gbwhatsapp, FM WhatsApp, Whatsapp plus apk, Whatsapp prime and many more apks are used. They also allowed users to use new enhanced features.

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